Cabal Online: Major Summer Update in Free-to-Play MMORPG

06/27/2011 04:58 am in News

Publishers EST Soft have announced that a new major expansion has gone live for their free-to-play MMO, Cabal Online. Episode 6: Legacy of Darkness includes new bosses, dungeon point system and an improved upgrade system.
Cabal Online

Cabal Online

One of the biggest new features introduced to Cabal Online with the Legacy of Darkness update is the introduction of the new group dungeon, Maquinas Outpost. The plan is for this dungeon to really challenge even the most seasoned players. In this dungeon, groups will have to take down bosses in order to extend a timer which is continuously counting down, pushing players to their limits and really testing their skills. However, there are fantastic rewards that are waiting for players who take on these challenges such as the Drei Fame armor.

To make this new dungeon and all dungeons in Cabal Online even more exciting, you can now earn points in the new dungeon point system. This system will allow players to earn points for their hard work in those terrifying dungeons. These points can be used towards some fantastic new items which you can purchase from a brand new NPC vendor.

Additionally, the bosses of Cabal Online are no longer confined to the deep dungeons of the world... some of them can now be seen wandering around the beginner-level areas. Of course, these creatures are powerful but provide a nice challenge for players of all levels and provide an opportunity for some great rewards.

These are just a couple highlighted items in the major update to Cabal Online. Some other new features which are part of the Legacy of Darkness update include new pets, improved boss drop-rates, new damage amplifiers for the Mission War and more.

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